June-22 Energy Market News

June-22 Energy Market News

The month of June has been extraordinary, with administered prices invoked across the NEM, market suspension and financial pain being felt by consumers and some industry participants.

The sections of the report are listed on the left of the page to assist with navigation and include:

  1. Renewables
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Storage
  4. Generation
  5. Interconnectors
  6. Gas market
  7. Financial
  8. Policy & Regulation
  9. Climate
  10. Power Purchase Agreements


  1. Melbourne tower to have first 'solar skin' (1 June) An 8-storey building in Spencer St, Melbourne is planning to harvest sunlight from its facade and then convert to electricity. The building is planned to be carbon neutral and fossil-free office development
  2. Surge in roof solar (3 June) Operators are reporting a significant surge in interest of installing roof-top solar with a doubling and tripling of enquires
  3. Proposed Robbins Island wind farm could impact endangered parrots (5 June) The proposed wind farm is within the known migration pathway and a report has found that the wind farm could threaten the endangered parrots. UPC/AC Renewables has stated the issues raised, have now been addressed.
  4. Snowy 2.0 delayed (9 June) The $5.1bn Snowy 2.0 has been delayed until at least beyond 2025. The project is also having a mid-year review to assess the expected cost and timing.
  5. Queensland searches for pump hydro (10 June) The Queensland government has announced $48m to advance hydro projects with a goal of having up to 7,000 MW of installed capacity
  6. Australia's biggest offshore wind farm unveiled (10 June) The 2,500MW Great Eastern Offshore Wind project is located about 22 kilometres from Wellington Shire in Gippsland.  Corio Generation is the proponent which is an off-shoot of Macquarie's Green investment group
  7. WA wind turbine buckles in half (16 June) A turbine at the 89MW Alinta wind farm in WA has buckled in half causing a temporary shut down. Iberdrola Australia is managing the incident through their incident management committee.
  8. SunCable gets endorsement from Infrastructure Australia (24 June) With the endorsement from Infrastructure Australia, the project can progress to investment ready status, meaning it is well placed to receive funding from the CEFC and NAIF.
  9. Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park halted due to voltage fluctuations (24 June) The first stage of the combined 210MW wind capacity and 107MW solar capacity park was found to the source of repeated voltage flickers, and therefore was halted until it can be rectified.
  10. BlueFloat adds another offshore wind project (23 June) Southern Winds is located about 20 kilomteres off the coast near the Victorian and South Australian border. The project is partnered between BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate.
  11. ARENA invests $45m into ultra low cost solar (23 June) ARENA has funded the ACAP group which includes University of NSW, CSIRO, ANU, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and Monash University to improve cell efficiency to 30%, reduce the cost of installation to 30 cents per watt by 2030.
  12. Gippsland set to become Australia's first offshore wind zone (23 June) The Albanese government has flagged its intention to declare Victoria's Gippsland region as the first special zone for offshore wind projects.
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