Jun-20 Energy Market Wrap

Jun-20 Energy Market Wrap
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Welcome to our June bumper report picking-up our usual reporting activities as well as coverage of the FY-19/20 results. Given the expanded issue we have inserted a table of contents to help navigate through the report. The sections are:

  1. Special features
  2. At a Glance
  3. At a Glance
  4. Power Spot Prices
  5. Electricity Demand
  6. Wholesale Forward Prices
  7. Power Generation
  8. Water Storages
  9. Natural Gas
  10. Environmental Certificates
  11. Outlook
  12. Photography Special (from our team members)

This month’s special features include:

  1. Customer churn update
  2. Retailer Suspension
  3. COVID-19 Demand Impact

Market Highlights

The At a Glance section covers the key highlights for each State which this month are:


  1. Lowest June power and gas spot prices for years
  2. Forward prices falls below $40/MWh
  3. Class Action announced
  4. Solar farms premium the 3rd lowest on record


  1. Soft power prices continue
  2. NSW delivers expected price outlook
  3. Infigen sale
  4. NSW solar farms deliver highest capacity factor
  5. Coal loses market share


  1. Soft power spot prices
  2. Brown coal market share decreased
  3. COVID-19 delaying morning peak
  4. VIC wind farm has highest capacity factor
  5. Summer 2021 risk emerging


  1. Softest June power and gas spot prices for years
  2. Solar displaces gas powered generation
  3. Winter volatility threatens
  4. Traders Error highest in SA


  1. Soft spot prices in June
  2. Generation continues to exceed last year
  3. High exports to mainland continues
  4. Windfall LGCs

Market News

News items for this month relate to:

  1. Gas developments (VIC gas delay, Australian LNG export defy global glut, NSW and VIC supply shortage, WA pipeline, Narrabri objections, QCLNG)
  2. Hydrogen (Fast tracking, Geelong energy hub, IEA pathway, Gladstone)
  3. Electricity (Portland smelter closure, University goes 100% renewable, AEMC, approves demand response mechanism, Marinus Link fast tracked, regulated TAS price cut approved, SA hybrid project, Tesla battery expansion)

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