Apr-24 Financial Market Report

Apr-24 Financial Market Report

Based on our probabilistic spot forecast for Q2-24, we recognised that the forward market was likely to be under-valued. As events have played-out, this proved to be true and the market rallied, not only for Q2-24, but through the whole forward curve.

This part of our Monthly Report concentrates on the financial aspects of the energy market. The Highlights section draws out the key movements, and the second half of the report outlines the charts and tables for further perusal.

1.0 Highlights

This section summarises the key market financial outcomes for the month.

The classical mindset that April is one of seasonal low points of the market was shattered this month, as the whole forward curve rallied strongly through April; and only tempered by the speculative talk late in the month, that Eraring's August 2025 closure may be delayed.

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