Nov-23 Generation Report

Nov-23 Generation Report

448MW of new generation capacity in November pushed the total for 2023 higher than recent years, in a record year for battery storage totalling 847MW. The weighted premium for solar generation improved as daytime prices climbed. This month we also take a look at battery performance across the NEM.

This part of our Monthly Report concentrates on generation, where the Highlights section draws out the key takeaways from new generation and retirements, planned outages, generator performance, curtailment, technology mix, and hydro storages. The second half of the report outlines the charts and tables for further perusal.

1.0 Highlights

This section is a summary of monthly generation which can help tell the story of the drivers of price outcomes in the spot market.

1.1 New Generation

During November, another 448MW of capacity was added to the NEM. The 412MW Stage 1 of the Goyder South Wind Farm achieved connection status in SA. The 196MW Glenrowan Solar Farm connected in VIC, CS Energy's 100MW Chinchilla Battery in QLD, and AGL's 50MW Broken Hill Battery in NSW.

The Goyder South WF Stage 1 has secured three PPAs: a 14-year, 100 MW contract with the ACT Government in 2020, a 10-year, 40 MW agreement with Flow Power in 2022, and a 70 MW renewable energy baseload contract with BHP in 2022, supplying electricity to BHP's Olympic Dam operations from 2026.

The Glenrowan SF has established grid connection services and agreements with the Victorian transmission network operator, AusNet, and the AEMO.

According to the Annual New Generation chart, the 2023 annual generation has reached 2,631MW, made up of 912MW of battery energy storage, 557MW of utility solar, 1,094MW of wind and 68MW of other (Bagasse).

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