Apr-21 Energy News Bytes

Carl Daley
Carl Daley
Apr-21 Energy News Bytes
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The month of April encapsulated 3 CEO resignations  while the Federal Government launches a $539m program on new clean energy projects, followed by being out-of-step at the virtual US facilitated climate conference. Meanwhile the ESB releases the options discussion paper for the Post 2025 review.


  1. Hydrogen projects are on the move at Port of Townsville and northwest Western Australia
  2. wind projects offshore are predicting lower costs, and the large Queensland Cement Mills precinct gets the go-ahead
  3. Engie signs corporate PPA
  4. Modelling suggests the same security and reliability could be achieved by renewables and batteries


  1. ACT Government seeks distributed batteries
  2. Dalrymple battery farm proves a financial success


  1. coal-fired generation troubles continue, pivoting to renewables emerge as an option and earlier closures grow in voice
  2. a pumped hydro project in Hunter Valley gains traction
  3. CEO's resign at AGL, Stanwell and Energy Australia

Gas Market

  1. the gas led recovery as proposed by the Federal Government losses momentum and support
  2. higher LNG Asian prices flow to benefit Santos
  3. massive LNG projects are losing investor support
  4. Barracouta gas field will begin flowing from the Bass Strait for the forthcoming winter
  5. Exxon chairman resigns


  1. AGL proposed split gets mixed reaction
  2. Whyalla steel works in trouble
  3. Carbon prices expected to double by 2030
  4. Tilt Renewables, FRV and New Energy Solar sales unfold
  5. Shell books $6.3bn loss


  1. Australia's path to net zero by 2050 is outlined, but lacks specific dates
  2. NSW floods sets 120 year record

Policy / Regulation

  1. AEMC kicks off draft determination for small scale solar and batteries
  2. AEMO calls for collaboration on renewables transition
  3. Federal Government announces $539m spend on new clean energy projects
  4. ESB releases Options Paper for Post 2025

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